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Autor: The Wanderers Way

Step: Rank + Willpower
Action: Yes
Requires Karma: No Strain: 1
The Puppeteer Talent allows the Mountebank to telepathically control the movements of another character's body. The Mountebank makes a PuppeteerTest against the character's Social Defense; if the test is successful the Mountebank dictates all movements of the target's body and can even force the target to use any talent based on Strength or Dexterity. Any talents a character uses while under the influence of the Puppet Master talent are at -4 steps. However, the target is still in control of his thoughts and his speech. The duration of the control is a number of rounds equal to the Puppeteer talent rank. If the victim wishes to break free of control, he must make a Willpower Test against a Difficulty Number equal to the Mountebank's Puppeteer step. This Willpower Test may be attempted every round. Puppeteer has a range of 110 yards. The target is aware of the fact that he is being controlled and may once per round attempt to make a Perception Test against the Spell Defense of the Mountebank to determine who is controlling him. The Mountebank must maintain line of sight with the target, or the effects of this power end.

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