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Exit Portal
Step: Rank + Willpower Step
Action: Yes
Requires Karma: No Strain: 4
Exit Portal allows a Mountebank to enter or escape from any prison or room, an invaluable asset for one who flirts so frequently with the law. By placing his hand against a door or wall that he wishes to bypass, the Mountebank makes an Exit Portal Test versus the Spell Defense of the wall (or the Effect Test of any wards placed on the door or wall). On a Good success or better, the Mountebank creates a portal into astral space, and may step through to get to the other side of the door or wall. On an Excellent success, the Mountebank's Exit Portal use will not trigger any magical alarms that may have been protecting the wall. The maximum thickness that the Exit Portal may allow passage through is a number of feet equal to the test result.

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