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LRGED202 Barsaive In Chaos

The power of the Theran empire, once so prominent in Barsaive, has been greatly diminished. With the fall of Vivane, the balance of power has tilted, but the peace that should have followed such a monumental victory is threatened even before it can be born. Great forces were revealed and brought to bear during the Second Battle of Sky Point, and the aftermath still shakes the very foundation of Barsaive.

Barsaive in Chaos is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn Second Edition. It details six significant events that span the year after the fall of Vivane, outlining an epic-style campaign. Each event can also stand alone to form a mini-campaign, and they can be used in any combination. When these events are linked, the characters are placed in the center of a battle for Barsaive's social and political stability. Barsaive in Chaos is intended for characters of Second Circle and above, of any Discipline.

Barsaive in Chaos introduces Second Edition Rules for the Purifier and Horror Stalker Disciplines, and the Lightbearers Secret Society. It also includes an extensive bestiary of Undead.

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