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Earthdawn Journal Volume8

Earthdawn Journal Volume 8, July 1996

Arms and Services: A visit to the weaponsmith
The Town of Woes: Earthdawn Fiction
Setting Up a Campaign: Suggestions on campaign creation
Songsmith: Earthdawn Fiction
Ithuriel's Archery: A selection of arrows
Blood Wood Magical Items: From the upcoming Blood Wood sourcebook
Corrupt Spirits: A selection of nasties
Children of Jaspree: A collection of critters, including the himme'oy, qelodo, gotampeuy and fisher wasps
The Pointless Swords: A collection of swords
Unpleasant Blood Charms: A couple of new blood charms
The Wandering Swordsman: A new Discipline
Hammerstone: A town near the Tylon Mountains
Longhope's Legacy: A selection of new magic items

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