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Earthdawn Journal Volume7

Earthdawn Journal Volume 7, July 1996

Tesrae Ti'Serenmistishsa: Citadel of the True Followers of Elven Spiritualism
On Dinganni Spiritualism: Exploring the depths of Dinganni society
From the Library of Victoris Wiseman: A selection of items for adventurers
Sarabrennos' Spellbook: A selection of spells
Pattern Patter: A discourse on patterns
The Protector of Kaer Tallin: An encounter
And the Path Shall Be Perilous: An adventure deep in the jungles of Barsaive
Brazt'ul-char: A "friendly" horror
Truaga'ar: A town of trolls
Outcasts: A pair of dwarven outcasts to encounter

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