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Earthdawn Journal Volume6

Earthdawn Journal Volume 6, February 1996

The Opening of Kaer Kalin: An unopened kaer sends out explorers
On Dinganni Spiritualism: Vengeance: Exploring the depths of Dinganni society
Cookery of Barsaive: A collection of recipes for Barsaivian food
Potions of Barsaive: A selection of alchemical creations
On Elemental Items: A selection of common magical items
The K'stulaami Taildancer: A new discipline for the k'stulaami
Children of Jaspree: More new creatures, including the gelteckin, Floating Heads, Vuljecn, and Azontu
Icebringer: The tale of a horror
1995 GenCon Earthdawn Tournament: A report on the Earthdawn tournament
Legend: The Stolen Sword: A legend from Iopos
Legend: Andelin: A lost elven city
Test of Courage: An adventure with the Orks
Legend: Neeza's Pipes: A windling's pipes save a village
For Such Is The Truth: Magic items

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