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Autor: The Wanderers Way

Step: Rank + Charisma Step
Action: Yes
Requires Karma: No Strain: 1
The Distraction talent causes any item thrown to emit lights and sound to draw a target's attention away from the Mountebank. The character makes a Distraction Test against the target's Social Defense or, in the case of a group, the highest Social Defense in the group, +1 for each additional target. If successful, the target watches the distraction for a number of rounds equal to the Mountebank's Distraction rank. This reduces the target's Perception step to notice anything else by the Mountebank's Distraction rank. Any direct action taken against the target during this time instantly negates the effect, but Interaction Tests may be made against the target during this time without causing the effect to end. The item causing the Distraction may be thrown up to 30 yards, but all targets affected by the Distraction must be able to see it once it lands. A character cannot suffer the effects of more than one Distraction at a time. Once the duration of the Distraction completes, the targets are aware that they were under the effects of a talent.

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